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Boost:Small Business helps small business owners get to the next level.

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Strategies that help your small business:



Unleash the power of your small business and do more with your existing systems and infrastructure.  Develop new entrepreneurial skills in yourself or foster the continuous development of your employees so that you can "work on your business" and not "in your business."


Your small business should be a financial powerhouse, providing plenty to achieve your family's goals and ambitions.  With Boost:Small Business your company will grow and earn more.  Period.


Statistics show that 95% of all small businesses fail within the first 5 years.  The primary reason that they fail is because they lack a strategic plan that adapts as their business conditions change.   Break free from the chains that bind you and turn your business around with the help of  Boost:Small Business.


After a very slow start out of the gate with my new business, JNJgetStarted, I found that I needed help. A lot of help. JNJgetStarted would not be headed in the direction it is without the invaluable guidance of Brian Canterbury, owner of Boost. His education coupled with his personal entrepreneurial experience make him a perfect business coach.

When it comes to growing a business, he says what he means and means what he says. If you are not holding yourself accountable when you start working with him, you will. Quickly. I have found that for a procrastinator such as myself a business coach has made a world of difference. Brian has helped me work around my biggest weakness to find techniques and use methods that compensate for it. With Brian, I know that JNJgetStarted will get the Boost it needs, no matter what the need.

0f488c85237ba5f8d6bf0fcd59c81242 Julie Watkins Owner of JnJgetStarted

Brian Canterbury has been such an incredible influence on the immediate success of WV Cheer Academy. We've been so thankful to work with him. Brian takes the time to make a personal investment in every business with which he works. He treats each company as if it is his own, and this has made us feel like we truly have someone on our side.

Our business has a very non-traditional schedule, and Brian has been available when I've had questions at times other than the regular Monday-Friday, 9 am-5 pm working hours. I would recommend Brian to anyone looking to fulfill their dreams of small business-ownership. His passion of entrepreneurship allows owners to more easily live their passion for their specific industry.

kayla-wygal-ma Kayla Wygal Owner of WV Cheer Academy
When I started my small business last year, I felt confident in the services I was offering... but not so much in handling the business aspects of following my heart. Brian has been a significant blessing to me and my business of sharing uplifted emotional wellness with others. He's helped me find resources for training and kept me on track with day to day goals. His personality, ethics and wisdom are a perfect combination.
Amy Williams Owner/Therapist